Travel Vaccinations

You may need extra vaccinations when going abroad. Certain parts of the world are associated with specific diseases. Vaccines should be considered if you are travelling to areas outside of Western Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
Start the process of vaccination well before you plan to travel. Some vaccinations take time to become effective so give yourself at least 8 weeks to protect yourself fully.
For specific travel advice, including vaccinations and malarial prophylaxis please contact us and we can arrange an appointment.

We are an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination centre in Dublin.

You can check which vaccines are required for your travel on the following website

You are advised to book at least 1 month in advance of your trip but if your journey is planned and will be a long stay in a remote part of the world, then 6 months in advance would be an advantage to get maximum immunity.

Consultation fees: Individual €60.Couple attending together €95 and a Family €120.

The common vaccination requirements include :

Tetanus - Diphtheria- Polio per shot €60

Hep A - Typhoid per shot €60

Yellow Fever per shot €60

All vaccines must be paid for in advance as we do not stock these vaccines.

Depending on the nature of your trip a full list of vaccines is available. Please contact us on 01-8336568.

Attached Documents

PDF icon Risk Assesment (form.pdf | 673 kB)

Please complete the risk assesment before your meeting with the doctor. You can bring completed forms along with you.